Sunday, 26 October 2014

Chanel No. 5: 'The One That I Want'

For me, no Sunday morning could be better spent than immersing myself in the iconic and fantastical worlds of Coco Chanel and Baz Luhrmann. My favourite designer and my favourite director's universes have collided once more to create what I think could be the most visually stunning short ever.

And yet, it isn't just in the visuals that Luhhrman has excelled. For starters, they're representing a fragrance, and though that can't yet be accessed through film, the world curated by Luhrmann and his team exudes an atmosphere synonymous with Chanel No. 5. Baz Luhrmann has for a long time been my director of choice, inspiring me to study film for the culmination of elements necessary to produce such art; stuyding his take on The Great Gatsby last year was a personal academic highlight. But behind every film are a thousand different people and techniques needed to create the final cut, and so it is with all of my adoration for the House of Chanel and the artwork of Baz Luhrmann that I urge you to watch the Making Of series behind 'The One That I Want'. To be let into the exclusivity of Chanel and the working mind of one of today's great filmmakers is truly a privilege, and I for one can say that I'll have each of these shorts on repeat for a long time.

'The One That I Want'

One of the things I most admire about Karl Lagerfeld is his amalgamation of fashion and filmmaking, allowing mere mortals like ourselves a peek into what goes on behind those legendary double C'd doors on la rue Cambon. From the beautiful biographic story of Coco in 'The Return' to the House's various educational stories about the woman, the history and of course, the number, Chanel are one of the few brands in the digital age bonding two of the most artistic mediums together in the way that they do. I thought I adored 'The One That I Want' before seeing the videos behind the film, and now I can say I am utterly in love. Follow the story behind the new interpretation of the classic No. 5 here.

For more Chanel, you can read my thoughts on the political impressions of Lagerfeld's 'The Little Black Jacket' exhibition, as well as my reports on their DubaiDallas and Autumn/Winter 2015 Haute Couture collections.

What do you think of 'The One That I Want'?

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

MFW: Emilio Pucci, Giamba, Fendi, Bottega Veneta | Spring/Summer 2015: Ready-To-Wear

- Emilio Pucci -
A gloriously vibrant collection full of colour and stunning threadwork, these boho looks would make Esmeralda jealous. Isabel Marant style prints and shapes such as the heavily fringed poncho; expect to see a sea of Emilio Pucci on the fields of Coachella this season, whilst the billowing dresses in rich secondary colours at the end of the show will undoubtedly be spotted on celebs at Cannes Film Festival. Shapes for every woman and a style for every occasion, Pucci's collection is one to define next S/S.

- Giamba -
Blair Waldorf would die over this collection, and thus, so do I. A lifelong fan of Giambattista Valli, his announcement that he'd be releasing a little sister line this year had me giddy from the off. Mini skirts, high hemlines and platforms to make girlish legs longer and thinner than Bambi's, the urge to buy some spotted white tights is raging. A collection full of black, white and pastel pinks is certainly one after my own heart, whilst a casual centre parting is the perfect accessory to school girl chic.

- Fendi -
Fendi's show was awash with the monochromes and blues that we've seen across so many of the shows this season, but they brought individuality with different fabrics and distressed finishes such as in the sixth look. The prints in the collection reminded me instantly of Tanya Taylor's collection, whilst the use of leather on the third look is very Balmain. The bird-like feather dresses towards the end of the show are much more striking than the other looks shown, offering a sprinkling of wild Lagerfeld creativity. Legs for days and strappy heels to emphasise this further, Fendi's collection is definitely one to look to for those sizzling summer nights.

- Bottega Veneta -
A significantly more toned down collection than the others shown during Milan Fashion Week, Bottega Veneta have presented clothes that are timeless in their colour and cut, whilst still maintaining some freshness and personality, such as in the tied bow waist of the second look and Jester style collar of the third. Our biggest print of the season is making another appearance - buy your gingham now ladies. Though never straying too far from shades of grey, one of my favourite looks has to be the pale yellow trench on the bottom left; normcore never looked appealing.

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I hope you enjoyed this somewhat delayed coverage from Milan Fashion Week! Just think, every day is one day closer to Spring when we can actually wear the trends. Stay tuned for my final reports of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections ending in beautiful Paris, coming in the next few days!

What was your favourite collection of Milan Fashion Week?

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn HomeSense Haul

The danger of having a HomeSense on the complex directly behind your house is that you can pop in for a cookbook and come out with the rest of the planet in your carrier bag. First of all, let me just say now - I am not a fan of TK Maxx. I cannot bear rifling through different items and the utter chaos of it all, so it's sort of a miracle that I have so much love for HomeSense. However, the HomeSense by my house is always super tidy and full of unexpected goodies; I have acquired many a beautiful fashion book from there before now. This little haul includes the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook as I am trying to master baking further than just my gooey cookies (that doesn't mean to say my attempt at cupcakes went well, far from it in fact), two beautifully packaged autumnal candles and a super cute Emma Bridgewater notebook. More details below!

(Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, HomeSense, £9.99; Glazed 'Pumpkin Spice' jar candle, HomeSense, £5.99; Grand Affair 'Black Velvet' rose gold mug candle, HomeSense, £6.99; Emma Bridgewater 'Take This Down' notebook, HomeSense, £4.99)

I hope you all enjoyed this little peek into my HomeSense purchases and perhaps it's given you some ideas for autumnal home inspiration. If you're in the mood to get excited about the cooler seasons ahead, be sure to check out my Autumn Tag and Beauty Favourites post where I talk all things crisp and cosy!

Are you excited about Autumn?

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P.S. This post is NOT sponsored, I am just a bargain fiend who lives abnormally close to a HomeSense!

Monday, 13 October 2014

LFW #2: Marchesa, Antonio Berardi, Michael van der Ham, Issa | Spring/Summer 2015: Ready-To-Wear

- Marchesa -
Opening the show was Georgia May Jagger, a vision in ethereal folk chic. That slight woodland vibe we noticed in Teatum Jones' collection? It has come home to roost in Marchesa. Taking on a very Valentino vibe in its deep colours and stunning embellishments, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have created what I think could be my favourite collection this season so far. Rich shades and the most feminine of fabrics, the enchanted forest comes to life in these gowns, my personal favourites being the first and penultimate looks, as well as the golden gown donned by the equally stunning Izabel Goulart.

- Antonio Berardi -
The multi-textured layering of our current season is set to carry on next Spring, with various fabrics and colours worn all at once. Blacks and navies once again making a heavy appearance, whilst blushing pale pinks and burnt oranges and reds liven up a largely dark collection. Loosely ruffled chiffons and more structured yet still very freeing looks such as the black dresses in the third row present a feminine but very determined woman, embodying both order and blithe effeminate nonchalance.

- Michael van der Ham -
Having spotted one of van der Ham's dresses on Keira Knightley last month, I was very keen to see what he was offering for S/S '15. Another blue collection, featuring an extreme amount of mixed fabrics, some of the looks here offer a reference to Chanel in their tweed materials and waist-cinching silhouettes. High boat-necked dresses with much more emphasis on the legs than chest, the silky and often metallic fabrics are striking against matte woollen pieces, producing the ultimate juxtaposition of materials and thus dressing for every woman.

- Issa -
One of several shows featuring wide bell skirts which remind me of Dior's last season couture (those 18th Century vibes are creeping into our daily wear now too), whilst here in the 21st Century the reign of the daisy continues. Seen absolutely everywhere from Prada to New Look over the course of the last 18 months, Issa is carrying on this beloved floral trend, as well as incorporating swirling lines of pattern horizontally across garments. A strict colour scheme and an even more structured uniform of open-toed mules makes Issa one to watch, learn from and imitate next Spring.

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That is it for London Fashion Week! You can catch up on all of my show reports so far from this season by clicking here. I'll be back in the next few days with an Autumn Home Haul; be sure to follow Tangible Treasures on Bloglovin' to be the first to see it! 

Which was your favourite collection from LFW?

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