Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites

It's that time of month again! Except this time, I don't feel like it was only yesterday that I wrote the month before's favourites post. Does anyone else feel as though the last few weeks have really dragged? Although 2014 is speeding by, I feel like March has been a particularly long month; or maybe that's because I've been sitting in my pyjamas for the latter half of it (hello Easter holidays). Nevertheless, there are a lot of things on my favourites list this month, purely because I've had very little self control of late and have bought a lot. Enjoy!

My first stand-out buy of March has got to be the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. This stuff really is magical. I have very dull skin, though it isn't particularly dry, but this completely lights up my face. Even with foundation and powder over the top, this is the perfect product for the much sought-after glowing-from-within look, and though I'm yet to try it, from the pictures I've seen it looks like it may be a good drugstore alternative to the Dior Glow Maximizer primer.

Next up we have two of the Barry M Gelly nail varnishes. I picked the shades Lychee and Huckleberry, and they're perfect for the pastel trend we're seeing this spring. As usual with Barry M nail varnishes, I find that they chip like there's no tomorrow, but these colours were just too pretty to leave!

The comes my newest perfume purchase, Prada Candy L'Eau. This is an absolutely gorgeous floral scent that is perfect for spring, and you can read my full post on it here for more information.

Finally for my beauty favourites this month we have the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body buttercream. It is highly moisturising and almost sickeningly sweet (but not quite), and again you can read a full review of the the two Sugar Crush products I bought this month here.

Lumi Magique Primer, L'Oreal, £9.99; Gelly nail varnish in 305 Lychee, Barry M, £3.99; Gelly nail varnish in 404 Huckleberry, Barry M, £3.99; Prada Candy L'Eau, The Perfume Shop, £35; Sugar Crush body buttercream, Soap & Glory, £10.50

Beginning with a happy purchase; my Cath Kidston ticket holder. This is so simple and you'll probably all wonder why I'm so obsessed with this, but I've wanted it forever and it is just so cute! The inconvenience of waking up from a nap to show the ticket checker my railcard is now very much eased by this adorable printed holder.

Next is a white H&M jumper. I've spent a lot of time in the house recently, and am probably wearing this jumper 6 days out of 7. A spring-suitable fine knit, a lovely loose fit and carrying all the lazy luxe of a nonchalant French girl, its safe to say I'll be living in this for a long while yet.

Last are two Primark necklaces. I tried to just buy one, I really did. But I couldn't choose. At least they were affordable! I couldn't decide whether they were really cute or hideously tacky, but I felt that they were cheap enough to risk finding out. I'm very glad I did buy them though as I've had compliments on them both every time they've been worn! You can see the pastel rose necklace in action over in my Day Trip to Brighton post.

Red heart ticket holder, Cath Kidston, £6; white jumper, H&M, £7.99; pink gem chain necklace, Primark, £6; pastel roses necklace, £3, Primark

The first of the two; Frozen. If you've seen it, you'll know why its on my monthly favourites list. If you haven't, correct that. And go and listen to the soundtrack whilst you're at it.

Another film that has seriously amazed me this month is Gravity. I know I'm ridiculously late to this airborne party, but Jesus. I am not really a space kind of girl, but this film was such an intense, emotionally draining and to be honest quite stressful experience. I wasn't sure if my legs were going to work when I had to leave the cinema. In a good way.

Although I've been watching all three of these YouTubers for a while now, this month I have been especially addicted the videos of Lily Pebbles, Amelia Liana and Hello October. All of these girls are stunning and seem so friendly, and they all have amazing blogs to boot. I'd highly recommend checking them all out and subscribing if you haven't already!

I have also been loving Ella Catliff's blog, La Petite Anglaise. Her OOTD, or in this case, Look Du Jour posts are always gorgeous, and her recent tales of swanning around Paris and London at the chicest of fashion parties have had me green with envy.

Finally I just want to mention some of my own posts that I've particularly enjoyed writing, because I've done a few different things in the past four weeks. First of all is the final few days of Paris Fashion Week show write-ups, which sported some amazing collections that you can catch up on here. March has also seen the launch of a new type of post for me (though hardly an original one in the blogging world), a Get the Look post, featuring my favourite app SHAREIGHT. Follow this link to see how you can steal the style of Jaime King and Emma Roberts on the cheap. Lastly I just want to mention yesterday's post again; my Mum and I took an impromptu Mother's Day trip to Brighton, and I took lots of pretty photos. Check it out here!

Last of all, March has had me on a lot of long train journeys, so a new addition to my favourites posts is a monthly survival kit. This time it features Porter magazine, KitKat Chunkies, Candy Crush and my brand new Moleskine diary. All of these have kept me entertained/organised/well-fed, and simply couldn't be left out of my favourites list.

Let me know what your favourite things have been in the last month, and if you've tried any of the products I've mentioned. I hope you've all had a lovely March and I'll be back in a few days with my March Best Dressed list! 

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spontaneous Mother's Day Trip to Brighton

If you're one to shy away from a picture heavy post, you may want to come back in a few days. If you're a fan of colourful buildings, yummy food, pebbled beaches and The Lanes - by now you really should have guessed it - you're in for a treat, because I went to Brighton!

My Mum and I decided last night that we ought to spend this Mother's Day making memories, so after breakfast and presents, we set off for a day out in Brighton. It only taking two hours to drive there from where we live, we were there for the best part of the day and had a lovely time wandering around The Lanes, walking along the beach and popping into as many quirky eateries as we could find. 

It was such a fun day out and I would highly recommend Brighton as a day trip destination for anyone who hasn't been. Let me know your favourite thing about this gorgeous seaside town and I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Get the Look: Jaime King and Emma Roberts at the Sandro Party

I have recently decided to start doing Get the Look posts. So often I see celebrity looks that I am dying to recreate, and I know that I'm not alone in this desire! So rather than endlessly googling obscure descriptions of clothing, I turned to SHAREIGHT. You will all know if you read my post on my new favourite app that I am totally obsessed with this comparative social shopping app, and I found it so useful to find imitation pieces of these two celebrity looks.

Starting with a double whammy, I am sharing with you easy high street equivalents of two of Hollywood's most stylish, and in my opinion somewhat underrated fashion-conscious actresses; Jaime King and Emma Roberts. Here are a few pictures of them a couple of days ago at the Chateau Marmont Bungalow in LA, at a dinner party hosted by French designer Sandro.

Jaime King and Emma Roberts
emmy rossum jaime king sandro paris celebration 19Emma_roberts_sandro_paris_celebration_3.20.2014

And here is my SHAREIGHT-aided Get the Look! Be sure to click on the screenshot for a direct link to the Eight where you can buy the items featured.

Cream cropped jumper, Missguided, £16.99
Grey belted slim leg trousers, New Look, £17.99
Red contrast pointed T-bar court shoes, New Look, £19.99
Targus red leather clutch,, £39

Sheer blue insert blouse, BHS, £25
Evelyn leather look thick leggings,, £10
Jaguar Dorsay point cobalt blue suede heels, Office Shoes, £65
Limited edition push lock satchel bag, Marks and Spencer, £35

Some of the pieces were a little tough to find high street versions of, such as Jaime King's incredible pouty platforms, as well as Emma Roberts' snakeskin bag, which from the pictures it looks as though she was sporting two slightly different ones throughout the evening? Perhaps even Hollywood A-Listers spill drinks on their clutches; a girl can dream.

All of these pieces are available to buy directly through SHAREIGHT which you can download here (I'm not even being paid for this plug, it's just genuinely a fantastic piece of technology), and be sure to leave me a comment below if you've joined the SHAREIGHT community yet or if you like this kind of post!

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash and Body Buttercream Review

As you'll know if you read my Huge March Beauty Haul post or follow me on Instagram (@laurenjadepike), I recently purchased two items from Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush line. Having heard two of my favourite YouTubers rave about these products for years (points if you can guess which ones), I figured Boots' 3 for 2 offer was the perfect time to snap these up - that and everything else in the shop. After using both of them for a little while now, I figured it was time to review them for you all!

First of all I want to talk about the wash. This is the one I was slightly less impressed with, though I must stress that I do still really like the product. It smells beautiful, the zesty lemons and limes are so sweet and do feel really luxurious. However the thing that disappointed me about the wash is the fact that the scent did not last on my skin at all. I've also found that unlike many body washes, it doesn't double up as a bubble bath like the Soap & Glory website said it does. But yet again, it does smell fantastic, so if you aren't looking for a lasting scent, a bubble bath doubler, or a super-soft-skin-inducing wash (am I reaching for the stars here?) this might be for you, despite the £8 price tag.

The body buttercream on the other hand does tick all the boxes I was expecting. A lasting scent on my skin, very moisturising but not wet or sticky, and a hell of a lot of product in the tub, I am really impressed with this. Like Soap & Glory suggest, the two do work well together, though I personally think you'd have similar results with the butter alone. I'd be much more inclined to repurchase this in the future regardless the higher price (£10.50) as I've been using it pretty incessantly and as you can see it is still incredibly full!

One of my favourite things about these products is obviously the scent, but not necessarily for the reasons you'd expect. I am one of those people that hates to use a citrussy or 'awake' scent in the evening time. I do almost all of my showering and bathing in the evening (who wants to wake up earlier than necessary just to get clean in a big hurry?), and I really hate using fresh, morning scents when I'm trying to relax before bed. This information would surely lead you to believe that this is not the scent for me, but somehow the Sugar Crush products, even with their incredible zestiness, are not too lively for me to use in my pre-bedtime bath. Perhaps its the sugary scent - I have the world's biggest sweet tooth -  but for once, a non-lavender/jasmine product has made it into my night time bath routine, so for that Soap & Glory, I salute you!

TLDR? The smell is divine. The buttercream wowed me significantly more than the body wash, but if you're willing to spend a few extra pounds for a nice olfactory washing experience alone, go for both. Will I be trying the Sugar Crush scrub in the future? Probably.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Huge March Beauty Haul

So if you've ever wondered what happens when a beauty lover lives next door to a Boots, you're about to find out. I have come home this week for the Easter holidays, and my house is literally a stone's throw away from British mega-drugstore, Boots. To say I lost my mind amongst the 3 for 2 may be an understatement. I wish I could tell you that I accumulated this lot over several months, but that would be a big lie, and here we're all about the truth. I've invested in lots of spring colours and products, as well as some things I've had on my To Buy list for a long old while. Here we go!

Sugar Crush body wash, Soap & Glory, £8; Delice de Poudre bronzing powder in shade 52, Bourjois, £6.99; 5pc brush set, Models Own, £10; Sugar Crush body butter, Soap & Glory, £10; Gelly nail varnish in 305 Lychee, Barry M, £3.99; Gelly nail varnish in 404 Huckleberry, Barry M, £3.99; Lasting Finish nail varnish in 504 It's a Scorcher, Rimmel, £2.99; 60 Second nail varnish in 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Rimmel, £3.69; 60 Second nail varnish in 873 Breakfast in Bed, Rita Ora for Rimmel, £3.69; Prada Candy L'Eau De Natural perfume, The Perfume Shop, £35; Juicy Lips Gloss in Fondant, Natural Collection, £1.99; Aloe Lip Care, The Body Shop £5; Superliner Perfect Slim Eyeliner in Black, L'oreal Paris, £5.99; Zara Night roll on perfume, Zara, £3.99; Lumi Magique Primer, L'Oreal Paris, £9.99; blusher in Lolly, MUA, £1; Porter Magazine, WHSmiths, £5


So as you can all see, I did go a little crazy. I'll definitely be reviewing some of these products once I've got a little more use out of them as I don't want to tell you what I think after only one use. Every single one of these products have either been recommended by a YouTuber or I've read several beauty blog reviews on, so I am expecting very good things from everything in this haul! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any of these products and what you think of them, and perhaps which colour I should paint my nails next as I cannot choose between the five! Perhaps I'll go all 2011 and have a different colour on every finger.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014


I said back in my February Beauty Favourites post that I had some exciting news to share. This is it! A few weeks ago (back in the thick of the Fashion Week reviewing extravaganza, hence the delayed post), I was contacted by SHAREIGHT. SHAREIGHT is a brand new social shopping app that allows its users to both browse through and make their own Eights; a collage of eight items. The app can be used to compare different types of products or serve as more of a Pinterest-style inspiration board, and it is insanely easy to use. Because hundreds of brands are joining in the fun too, you can buy products directly through the app, made even easier by the 'On Sale' and 'Sold Out' stickers on certain items.

As you can see from the opening screen of the app, not only are there Brand and Store sections, but there is a Bloggers selection too - this is where I come in. This is super exciting for me as its my first venture to have come out of Tangible Treasures and I feel really honoured to have been asked to contribute to SHAREIGHT through the Bloggers section. I've become totally addicted to making Eights and I'm in incredible company; Ella Catliff from La Petite Anglaise is also one of the apps bloggers, and her blog is one that I've admired for a very long time. I would highly recommend downloading the app - did I mention its free? - and having a little play around with it. The social side of the app comes in with the Messaging service. Each product page has a 'Tell a Friend' button, allowing you to message your friends asking all of those desperate alone-in-the-changing-rooms questions, boiling down to the one big 'Should I buy this?' (the answer to which is almost always yes).

The app is currently only available to download through the Apple app store, but never fear fellow Samsungers, it is coming to Android in the near future. Luckily I have an iPad mini, so if you too have an iPad you can download the app through the 'iPhone only' section of the app store by clicking this link here.

Here are a few of my own Eights to get your inspiration rolling, and please let me know in the comments below if you've downloaded the app and what you think of it!

Download SHAREIGHT now at

(For any future business enquiries you can find my details on my Contact page)

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