Sunday, 30 November 2014

An Evening: The Miracle Cure

I found myself staring at a blank screen this evening in the panic that I had only posted 3 times this month. I desperately wanted to get something out before we welcomed December, purely because I adore writing, and find myself sad that I've only made time for it on a handful of occasions in the last four weeks. In fairness, I've been horrendously busy; juggling two jobs - I know, people do it, whatever - whilst trying to blog, stay social, spend time with my family and visit a boyfriend that lives 3 hours away has got pretty overwhelming this month, not to mention time-consuming.

I'd consider myself to be a very sociable person, but like many others, I seriously need an evening now and then. It's something I've been indulging in more often recently, purely because I need time to recharge and take myself away from the tasks of the day. Whether it's going to the beach just before sunset, relaxing at home with a book or the television, running the world's bubbliest bubble bath or getting an early night, there's really nothing more beneficial when you're feeling a little weighed down than to just relax. I'm writing this post in the hopes that those people who, like me, are chastising themselves for not doing one thing or another will let it go for an evening. Take a night, or even two, and do as little as you like. Because sometimes, everyone needs to press pause.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Best Dressed: Hollywood Film Awards 2014

It seems only appropriate that two of the biggest winners of the night in terms of the actual awards - The Imitation Game and Gone Girl - took first prize in the style stakes too. Keira Knightley's wardrobe has always been one to envy, but her recent press tour dresses have been truly stunning. While this one may divide some opinion, anything Giambattista Valli is something I can get on board with. Emily Ratajkowski donned the most unconventional style that evening, sporting a jet black jumpsuit complete with cut outs and some signature Ratajkowski cleavage. My other best dressed ladies of the evening all headed out in muted or monochrome shades - my favourite, shocker - though Jing Tian's Christian Dior gown brought some unexpected crimson to the carpet. All in all, a beautiful and sophisticated roundup, don't you think?

Jenna Dewan-Tatum - Reem Acra | Emily Ratajkowski | Jing Tian - Christian Dior
Jennifer Lopez - Zuhair Murad | Felicity Jones - Alexander McQueen | Keira Knightley - Giambattista Valli

(All images have been taken from the internet and belong to their rightful owners)

Who was your best dressed of the Hollywood Film Awards?

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

PFW: Elie Saab, Balenciaga, Chanel, Valentin Yudashkin | Spring/Summer 2015: Ready-To-Wear

- Elie Saab -
The first thing I noticed about one of my favourite designers' latest collections is how imitable it is bound to be. Both Zara and Topshop featured the sportswear inspired striped bands shown (I actually featured a dress that I bought in a post back in April that proves this!), whilst the blues and oranges of the first few looks are definitely going to be landing in stores come Spring. The more artisinal elements of the traditional Elie Saab dresses towards the end of the collection are far more dream-like and inaccessible, but if I'm honest that is just one of the reasons I adore them so much. Another collection that keeps blue at its centre, we certainly know which colour to invest in come March!

- Balenciaga -
Balenciaga isn't a House that I often cover during Fashion Week, more because it doesn't so much sit with my personal style rather than because I dislike anything that they do. As with Alexander Wang's own brand, the clothes are often a little more grungy or sporty than I would personally go for, but I found myself enticed by their S/S 2015 collection. Whether it's something to do with the blushing pinks and lilacs, the cropped trousers or Burberry-like midi-skirts, the looks presented this time around had an inch more femininity to them than previous collections, though kept relatively androgynous with the poker straight centre partings and mask style sunglasses. The wide mesh overlays and ankle sweeping coats make for an undoubtedly big city vibe that has got me converted to the Balenciaga way.

- Chanel -
A fashion boulevard that started with a rainbow of colour and ended in classic Coco chic, Lagerfeld has outdone himself with this collection. The combination of different fabrics, colours and prints presents a more modern and outlandish Chanel, whilst the later looks featuring navy, white and layers of pearls echo the original creator herself. Whether it's street style, the rise of the blogger or the infinite possibilites of feminism in the 21st Century, Lagerfeld's collection was as much a statement on equality and the voice of women as it was a presentation of next season's trends. Karl has fused the past, present and future; looking to Coco for a framework, and the woman of today for that striking step forward. For me, this could be their best collection in years.

- Valentin Yudashkin -
The first thing that drew me to this collection was actually the runway. It reminded me instantly of the beautiful archway I saw at Burberry's presentation when I attended a Fragrance Conference a few months ago, as well as the wall of flowers at the Kardashian-West wedding. Whether these references were intentional or not is another question, but it certainly made a stunning backdrop for Yudashkin's beautiful clothes. The colour scheme here is heavenly; largely white with pastel pinks and blues, whilst the flower adorned dresses at the end of the show have my name written all over them. One thing that I really did appreciate from Valentin Yudashkin is the small injection of modernity into an otherwise fairly classic collection; the high shine fabrics and almost entirely sheer top half of one of the final dresses presents a more liberated and futuristic elegance. Without doubt this is one of the most beautiful collections shown this season, and the perfect one to end S/S '15 on!

(All images have been taken from and belong to

I hope you've all enjoyed my coverage of this season, and to catch up on every show I've reported on, just click here! As always I've loved going through each show and seeing the magic that each designer has conjured; the relentless creativity showcased during Fashion Week never ceases to amaze me. As far as show reports go, I'll be back in February, but for now, it's time to get festive! 

What was your favourite show from Paris Fashion Week? Did you have a favourite collection from the whole S/S '15 season? Let me know in the comments below!

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