Sunday, 22 March 2015

Start of Spring Favourites

Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I've posted. I haven't liked not writing regularly and have kept meaning to start again but there's been a lot going on lately. Nevertheless I thought how better to break four weeks of absence with a new season, new favourites style post? The weather is picking up and spring trends are arriving in stores, so here are a few of the things I've been obsessed with of late.

(Periwinkle scarf, Primark, £3; Echosmith - Talking Dreams; La Vie Est Belle, Lancome, £45; Yellow top, Primark (children's section), £7; Stylist Magazine; Utopia nail varnish, Models Own, £4.99; Descanso satin lip pencil, Nars, part of their Digital World Coffret £35; Rollerlash miniature, Benefit, free; Dream Boost Bra, Primark, £5; 123 Perfect CC Cream, Bourjois, £9.99; Colour Crush Rose Gold Mesh Watch, Olivia Burton, £65; The Glam Guide - FleurDeForce, Amazon, £7.49, Emma Watson's HeForShe International Women's Day Live Chat)

I feel as though I should firstly address why I've included some lingerie in this post, and the answer is because this bra (which I now own in FIVE different colours) is the most comfortable and flattering bra I think I've ever owned. It may have even knocked several Victoria's Secret pieces off the top spot. So if you live near a Primark, care about your bosom and are privy to £5, get yourself a Dream Boost. Or five.

Primark is featuring largely in this favourites post, as I've been living in my little blue scarf and picked up the prettiest yellow and white lace t-shirt from their children's section recently. I've also included some of my go-to beauty products of the moment including a Bourjois CC Cream that is rivalling some of my more high-end foundations on a daily basis. The only time I don't wear this at the moment is if I'm going out for an evening when I favour Estée Lauder's Double Wear. I've also been addicted to Nars' Descano lip crayon which is proving to be the perfect nude/orange/pale pink shade for spring, whilst I have finally got my hands on Models Own Utopia. I saw this on April of Hello April on Twitter months ago and have at last found it in store; it hasn't left my nails since. It is such a beautiful lilac, muted ballerina pinky nude and despite my fears of pale colours often being tricky to apply this went opaque in two coats. Five stars from me! I also discovered a miniature of Benefit's new Rollerlash mascara. I have absolutely no idea where this came from as I discovered it in one of my going out bags as I was getting ready this weekend, but I'm thrilled with the find and really impressed with the curl it gives my lashes. I've only used it once so will be testing it for a few weeks before I commit to the full sized product but so far, so good. 

In the last few weeks I've been finding myself reaching for FleurDeForce's 'The Glam Guide' incessantly. I have a bad habit of devouring a book the moment it arrives and then letting it collect dust on my bookshelf for the rest of its life. However even after the initial read-every-page-in-two-hours binge, I've kept on going back to The Glam Guide, practicing some of Fleur's tips (I would now consider myself a braiding expert and am keeping my jeans blacker than black with her vinegar trick!) and pouring over the beautiful layout and illustrations in the book. I've also been totally obsessed with Echosmith's album Talking Dreams. I'd never heard of Echosmith but after hearing Fleur say that this record was similar to Taylor Swift's 1989, I gave it a listen and haven't stopped since.

As well as the usual fashion and beauty items I often feature in my favourites posts, there are a couple of less typical additions, one of which is Stylist Magazine. I am a Vogue girl through and through (I have a 4ft tower of magazines across a 7 year subscription, oops), but I absolutely adore Stylist. Despite the name, the articles speak of so much more than fashion and I always finish an issue feeling more educated and thoughtful than I did when I started. They have an incredible range of articles on topics a lot of publications wouldn't think to touch, each steeped in a voice that evokes gender equality and female independence, a hearty realism that puts fluffier magazines about beauty straight back in their place. On the subject of gender equality, I also wanted to include Emma Watson's HeForShe International Women's Day Live Chat with Greg James. I feel like I've grown up with Emma Watson having been a Harry Potter addict since the age of six and dressing up as Hermione whenever I deemed socially appropriate (always). But seeing her bring to the fore the true definition of feminism and representing it in such a dignified manner has launched my respect for her to new heights, making it clear to everyone once and for all that “If you believe in equality, you’re a feminist."

I hope you've all enjoyed this ridiculously rambly favourites post and will forgive me for writing essays on every product; it's clearly been a while since I've written and ought to practice a more concise delivery in the future! I love the changing of seasons and spring is such a wonderful time to reflect on things past and plan how to make every aspect of your life even more beautiful than ever. I'll leave you now with this cute little Pinterest collage; happy Sunday everyone!

What are you loving this Spring? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Glad to have you back Lauli. Great post - and that little top is just adorable! xxx


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