Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Monthly Favourites: January 2015

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I'm somewhat behind with the first Monthly Favourites post of 2015 but I figured it was better late than never. There have been some films, products and moments that I really fell for in January, so let's not wait any longer to share them!
My first beauty favourite of the month is going to be my ridiculously expensive but very effective Shu Uemura lash curlers. If you've set foot in the digital beauty world you'll have heard the hype, but after purchasing them a few months back and being quite disappointed, they're suddenly impressing me. I've found the ultimate curl comes from using them before AND after mascara; I realise that this is really bad for your lashes and that mine might all fall out tomorrow for recommending this to you but it really does seem to boost the curl! #sorrynotsorry

Secondly in the beauty department is another lash related product, and that's the New Look Pure Colour Definition mascara. I've been using this for a few months after FleurDeForce recommended it, but since running out and trying to use up some others (including Dior's Diorshow New Look and Max Factor's False Lash Effect), I've found it to be totally unbeatable. And it's £4.99. My local store doesn't actually sell this specific one and I refuse to pay nearly as much for delivery as I do for the product so in the meantime I'm using their Pure Colour Volume formula with the Definition wand which is proving more than adequate!

Lastly - it's a very eye-related beauty favourites, can you tell? - is my Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. The colours I've been loving have been identical to those used in my Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 Inspired Make Up Look, so take a look at that post if you're interested in which colours I'm getting the most use out of, though if I'm honest the entire palette is totally divine.

Time to get pally with awards season; two of my favourite films of January have to be The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game. I am a sucker for a biopic and I have a socially unacceptable obsession with Eddie Redmayne, so that explains at least three quarters of the addiction. I found both of these films so emotional and inspiring and would recommend them to the most right-brained person, despite the science/maths nature of Professor Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing's achievements. The other film favourite of January was slightly less intellectual but no less emotional, and that is The Fault in Our Stars. I've only seen it once before but my Mum and I watched it a few weeks ago and I loved it just as much the second time round.

I've decided to dedicate a little section to the YouTube and blogging community in this month's favourites. The first favourite is actually Girl Online. I wasn't sure if I was going to read this, but I was bought it for Christmas and I actually really enjoyed it! After years of reading literary classics for school and my English Literature degree, it was nice to spend a Sunday morning with a cup of tea devouring a not so academic story. Once I got past the first chapter or two I was really gripped and ended up loving it and feeling emotionally invested in the characters. For anyone who loves a fairly light read and is looking for something to get them back into the habit of reading, I would definitely recommend Girl Online.

Another YouTube favourite came in the form of Amelia Liana's What's In My Bag/Top 10 Lip Products video, where she gave me a cheeky shoutout. I thought it was actually really sweet of her to acknowledge our little chat on Twitter and made her even more lovable. Amelia is undoubtedly one of my favourite beauty bloggers purely for how fun and relaxed she is whilst maintaining such an elegance. Not to mention her hair. I mean, really.

Lastly I'm including a post that I really loved writing, and that was my Right This Moment post that I intend to make a fairly regular series. It was all about being grateful for the present moment and I'm really excited to post another one of these in the very near future! If you haven't read it already, take a look here.

What were some of your favourite things in January? I'd love to hear any of your recommendations in the comments below!

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