Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl: 'Illuminating Moments' for La Mer

If you've ever set virtual foot onto my blog before, you'll probably be aware of my major style/beauty/hair/accessory/soul crush on Olivia Palermo. Having posted once on some of my favourite looks of hers and again on her wedding spread for Brides magazine (which happens to be my third most popular posts ever, clearly you guys loved her bridal editorial too!) - plus I think you'll be pushed to find a Best Dressed list of mine that she hasn't graced - it's safe to say that she is an icon for me as far as fashion goes. Yet seeing her turn to beauty, or in this case skincare, is a step in one truly divine direction.

Featuring her equally easy on the eye husband Johannes Huebl, the couple begin La Mer's 'Illuminating Moments' series, telling the story of the two getting ready for an undoubtedly glamorous night out in the big bright city.

Although Olivia and Johannes are the main appeal for me, I'm really looking forward to seeing the next couple that La Mer have chosen for the next part of the series! OP and her hub look so beautiful and happy, I think it's about time to stalk their 'Sundays' posts all over again. Do I even need to say #relationshipgoals?

Do you adore this campaign and Olivia's style too?
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