Sunday, 30 November 2014

An Evening: The Miracle Cure

I found myself staring at a blank screen this evening in the panic that I had only posted 3 times this month. I desperately wanted to get something out before we welcomed December, purely because I adore writing, and find myself sad that I've only made time for it on a handful of occasions in the last four weeks. In fairness, I've been horrendously busy; juggling two jobs - I know, people do it, whatever - whilst trying to blog, stay social, spend time with my family and visit a boyfriend that lives 3 hours away has got pretty overwhelming this month, not to mention time-consuming.

I'd consider myself to be a very sociable person, but like many others, I seriously need an evening now and then. It's something I've been indulging in more often recently, purely because I need time to recharge and take myself away from the tasks of the day. Whether it's going to the beach just before sunset, relaxing at home with a book or the television, running the world's bubbliest bubble bath or getting an early night, there's really nothing more beneficial when you're feeling a little weighed down than to just relax. I'm writing this post in the hopes that those people who, like me, are chastising themselves for not doing one thing or another will let it go for an evening. Take a night, or even two, and do as little as you like. Because sometimes, everyone needs to press pause.

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