Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mini Fashion and Beauty Haul

With the beginning of a new job comes the blessed day of the first paycheck. Having pretty much spent mine already (again, lunch break haul coming soon!), the first day of overdraft-free shopping wasn't a complete bonanza, but I did pick up a few haul-worthy bits. Have a scroll through the pictures below for a close look at a super pretty Fleur De Force inspired t-shirt, my favourite secret weapon mascara, and some gorgeous bargain beauty buys from Lush.

Floral t-shirt, Primark, £12; Volumizing mascara, Primark, £1; King of Skin, Lush, £5.50; Creamy Candy (tester), Lush, £2.60; Space Girl, Lush, £2.35

I think this top is so pretty and feels like surprisingly high quality fabric considering the Primarni price tag. The floral print is perfect for the last few weeks of the Spring/Summer trends, whilst the overlaying white brocade stitching adds a more unique element to the top. My Primark mascara is a total dark horse; for £1 I figured that even if it was awful, trying it really wouldn't be the end of the world, but I have been so pleasantly surprised! Rather than going through expensive high end mascaras in two months, I've found an astonishingly cheap alternative that does just as good a job. As for my Lush products, the only one I've tried so far is King of Skin, which is absolutely worth the hype. Creamy, delicious and moisturising, it's £5.50 you won't regret spending. Plus, I just want to say a huge thank you to the incredible service I was given by the lovely man in the Bournemouth Lush store; a little customer service goes a very long way!

What is your favourite Lush product?

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