Tuesday, 19 August 2014

June and July Favourites

I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether to post my June and July favourites, mainly because I prefer video favourites to written posts. Nevertheless there have been a lot of things I’ve been loving of late and it would be very unfair to deprive anyone of a solid recommendation or two, so here they are!

In June and July, I was obsessed with three things that have made my mouth the centre of facial attention: a whitening toothpaste, a nude lipstick and a very pretty pale pink gloss. Remember that slightly off base toothpaste haul I wrote a few months ago? Said toothpaste has gone above and beyond my expectations, making my teeth whiter instantly and continuing to impress months later. Pair Colgate's Max White One Optic toothpaste with the perfect nude combo of Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 03 and Tanya Burr’s Afternoon Tea lipgloss and you have the dream 'I woke up like this' mouth.

June saw the end of exams and university life as I knew it. Seeing as there was literally nothing to do now that education there was over, I took the natural step of starting a new series: Game of Thrones. I have only watched season one so far but I’m gagging for the weather to get cooler so that I can binge-watch the rest (I get a guilty conscience watching Netflix in bed when it's sunny out) and catch up with real-time GoT. Also, if you’re someone who has heard the hype but hasn’t bothered to watch it assuming it wouldn’t be your kind of thing, give it a go. I have a track record of The O.C., Gossip Girl and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, yet I thoroughly thoroughly enjoy Game of Thrones.

There is one album that has been all over my ears in July, and that is Ed Sheeran’s ‘x’. Assuming that it couldn’t possibly live up to his first album or old EPs, I went into ‘x’ with caution, only to be blown away once again. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is my absolute favourite, whilst ‘One’, ‘Don’t’ and ‘Runaway’ have also found themselves on repeat for the last month.

Since graduating one of the things I was very keen to do was to get into the habit of reading for leisure. In June and July my favourite book has been The Virgin Suicides. The dream-like quality in which it is written is truly entrancing, and don’t be put off by the entirely depressing subject matter, it is not an all out miserable novel. Now I need to watch the film!

Linking on very nicely from The Virgin Suicides, one video that I loved in June was Booksandquills and Essie Button’s Easy Reads. I needed something to get me back into the swing of reading and their recommendation of The Virgin Suicides certainly did the trick! My other video favourite is a bit more general; it’s Fleur De Force! Where have I been, you may ask. I seriously have no idea, though I do love getting into a YouTuber years late due to the sheer amount of backlog videos I can then binge through. Her luscious gold locks, cute floral t-shirts (inspired!) and stunning collection of statement necklaces make her very easy to watch, whilst her content is always fantastic. I may be late to the party, but I am De Forcin’ all the way.

My favourite moments of June and July have got to be my trip to Brighton to visit my bestie (see the full post here), and my interview with SHAREIGHT for their Blogger’s Profile piece on me. I loved visiting the office back in May and truly adore the app, so to be interviewed by them and have people finding my blog through their article was so flattering and really quite amazing. Thank you SHAREIGHT!

Photobooth picture in Hove Brighton

What were your favourite things over the last few months?

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  1. You are so pretty! I cannot wait until Game of Thrones comes back - surprisingly GREAT, given my penchant for Gossip Girl, Geordie Shore and Dance Moms...

    Love Zoe x
    ------ Face Value Beauty Blog ----

    1. Thank you that's so sweet! I cannot wait to catch up with the rest of it, I loved season 1! Emilia Clarke is such a babe. Though Dance Moms is on my list too, maybe that will be my new just got in from work show ;) xx


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