Sunday, 31 August 2014

Natural High Street Make Up Tutorial

As my last post was dedicated to my recent high-end purchases, I've decided today to show you a natural make up look using products entirely bought from the high street! A few of these are new purchases, almost all of which have been recommended by Gabby from velvetgh0st so to find out how to create this look and hear my thoughts on my latest buys, read on!

Firstly, here I am baring my naked face on the internet...

And here are the products used for the look, full information below!

Healthy Mix Foundation in 53 - Light Beige, Bourjois, £9.99; Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory, Rimmel, £5.49; Lasting Perfection concealer, Collection, £4.19; Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques, £9.99; P.S. Love Brow Pencil in Brown, Primark, £1; P.S. Love Volumizing Mascara, Primark, £1; Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist, £8, Soap & Glory; Glam Bronze bronzer in 06, L'Oreal, £7.99; Blush in Dolly, MUA, £1; EyeStudio Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold, Maybelline, £4.99; Highlighter in Crescent Moon, Topshop, £10

I started off with clean skin, having used my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleanser but not moisturising. When I'm trying a new foundation out for the first time I try it on completely bare skin as I don't want a moisturiser to affect the way it sits. I used a small pump of the Bourjois foundation and blended it into my skin using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I only bought the foundation this afternoon so this is my first use but so far I really like it! I'd heard a lot about it and am definitely not disappointed; a flawless look with good coverage and a dewy finish is everything I look for in a foundation and this ticks all three boxes. I concealed my dark circles with the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer; though this one isn't amazing for coverage, it is the only concealer I've found that doesn't crease into the fine lines under my eyes. Coverage wise I always go for the Collection lasting perfection concealer, which hides any blemishes and has amazing staying power. I lightly contoured with my L'Oreal matte bronzer, created some colour with my MUA blusher and added a little bit of light on the top of my cheekbones with the Topshop highlighter. 

I filled in my eyebrows with my Primark brow pencil, then moved onto the eyes. As this is quite a natural look I didn't use any eyeliner at all, instead going for a wash of the pale gold Maybelline Colour Tattoo and a slick of my beloved Primark mascara. The Colour Tattoo was a today purchase as well, and the colour payoff can be built up nicely and blended in with fingers. I've gone for a very light sheen of it today but the heavier swatch of it on my hand from this afternoon is still firmly in place. Finally I put Soap & Glory's Nudist on my lips (bad staying power but very pretty) and the look was finished!

I hope you all like this natural make up look, I think it's perfect for work or school and took less than 10 minutes, meaning a few extra moments under the duvet of a morning. I'll definitely be wearing this look on a daily basis, let me know if you like it! On a more general note, I've been posting quite a lot of beauty recently, but for those who are much more interested in fashion, you are about to be inundated! Spring/Summer Fashion Week kicks off in September and as you'll know if you've been reading for a while, I try to review every show that I've loved, meaning there will be fashion posts aplenty coming soon.

Have you tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation? What's your favourite drugstore product?

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Lunch Break Haulin'

Back in my 'If Money Was No Object' Birthday Wishlist post I promised a Lunch Break Haul showing you all of the things I've bought with my staff discount since working in a department store. Here it is! It's fair to say I did lose it a little in the first few weeks of working there, buying a lot of the things I've had on my wishlist for a fair while now every time I went for lunch. All of these things are from high-end brands (sorry drugstore lovers), but a little birthday money can go a very long way! Most of these things have only been bought in the last three weeks or so, so in terms of reviewing them this will primarily be a first impressions post; read my thoughts on each product below!

Naked 3 Palette, Urban Decay, £37; Bonbon Eau de Parfum 30ml, Viktor & Rolf, £50; Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, MAC, £23; Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Moisturiser, Clinique, £34; Prime Time Eyelid Primer, Bareminerals, £16

The Naked 3 palette is proving to be a fantastic choice. Having not been sure whether to go for this one or the original I'm very pleased with my rose tinted selection and have used it to create both day and night looks almost every day since purchase. I am absolutely in love with my Viktor & Rolf Bonbon fragrance. Working as a Fragrance Consultant I get to try and wear different scents five days a week, but when you get to your day off and start reaching for something you don't own, it's time to buy it. #noregrets. Fragrance insider fact: the bottle took over a year to make as it is completely seamless, dedicated right? I'll be telling you more about Bonbon in my Top Fragrances post coming soon; be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss it! 

The MAC Mineralize highlighter is the newest addition to my collection having only arrived a few days ago, but so far it's proving far less chalky than my Topshop highlighter and is taking me one step closer to Kardashian cheekbones. My Clinique moisturiser has become a firm favourite and is making me stick to my skincare routine with much more fervour than before. I really notice a dryness in my skin if I forget to use this either at morning or at night, and after using it just once I found an instant change in the hydration of my skin. 

Finally we have my Bareminerals eye primer. Having been put off purchasing the Urban Decay Primer Potion due to stories of dryness and not helping creased shadow very much, I ventured over to the mineral side of beauty, and am very pleased I did. I no longer suffer with creased eyeshadow, even after a full day of wearing vibrant colours or a smokey eye, and it dries incredibly quickly; perfect for getting ready in a hurry on a morning. In terms of Primer Potion, I did receive a sample of it with my Naked palette, so perhaps I'll try it for myself in the coming weeks. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this high-end haul! Let me know if you have any of these products and if so, which one is your favourite?

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

June and July Favourites

I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether to post my June and July favourites, mainly because I prefer video favourites to written posts. Nevertheless there have been a lot of things I’ve been loving of late and it would be very unfair to deprive anyone of a solid recommendation or two, so here they are!

In June and July, I was obsessed with three things that have made my mouth the centre of facial attention: a whitening toothpaste, a nude lipstick and a very pretty pale pink gloss. Remember that slightly off base toothpaste haul I wrote a few months ago? Said toothpaste has gone above and beyond my expectations, making my teeth whiter instantly and continuing to impress months later. Pair Colgate's Max White One Optic toothpaste with the perfect nude combo of Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 03 and Tanya Burr’s Afternoon Tea lipgloss and you have the dream 'I woke up like this' mouth.

June saw the end of exams and university life as I knew it. Seeing as there was literally nothing to do now that education there was over, I took the natural step of starting a new series: Game of Thrones. I have only watched season one so far but I’m gagging for the weather to get cooler so that I can binge-watch the rest (I get a guilty conscience watching Netflix in bed when it's sunny out) and catch up with real-time GoT. Also, if you’re someone who has heard the hype but hasn’t bothered to watch it assuming it wouldn’t be your kind of thing, give it a go. I have a track record of The O.C., Gossip Girl and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, yet I thoroughly thoroughly enjoy Game of Thrones.

There is one album that has been all over my ears in July, and that is Ed Sheeran’s ‘x’. Assuming that it couldn’t possibly live up to his first album or old EPs, I went into ‘x’ with caution, only to be blown away once again. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is my absolute favourite, whilst ‘One’, ‘Don’t’ and ‘Runaway’ have also found themselves on repeat for the last month.

Since graduating one of the things I was very keen to do was to get into the habit of reading for leisure. In June and July my favourite book has been The Virgin Suicides. The dream-like quality in which it is written is truly entrancing, and don’t be put off by the entirely depressing subject matter, it is not an all out miserable novel. Now I need to watch the film!

Linking on very nicely from The Virgin Suicides, one video that I loved in June was Booksandquills and Essie Button’s Easy Reads. I needed something to get me back into the swing of reading and their recommendation of The Virgin Suicides certainly did the trick! My other video favourite is a bit more general; it’s Fleur De Force! Where have I been, you may ask. I seriously have no idea, though I do love getting into a YouTuber years late due to the sheer amount of backlog videos I can then binge through. Her luscious gold locks, cute floral t-shirts (inspired!) and stunning collection of statement necklaces make her very easy to watch, whilst her content is always fantastic. I may be late to the party, but I am De Forcin’ all the way.

My favourite moments of June and July have got to be my trip to Brighton to visit my bestie (see the full post here), and my interview with SHAREIGHT for their Blogger’s Profile piece on me. I loved visiting the office back in May and truly adore the app, so to be interviewed by them and have people finding my blog through their article was so flattering and really quite amazing. Thank you SHAREIGHT!

Photobooth picture in Hove Brighton

What were your favourite things over the last few months?

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mini Fashion and Beauty Haul

With the beginning of a new job comes the blessed day of the first paycheck. Having pretty much spent mine already (again, lunch break haul coming soon!), the first day of overdraft-free shopping wasn't a complete bonanza, but I did pick up a few haul-worthy bits. Have a scroll through the pictures below for a close look at a super pretty Fleur De Force inspired t-shirt, my favourite secret weapon mascara, and some gorgeous bargain beauty buys from Lush.

Floral t-shirt, Primark, £12; Volumizing mascara, Primark, £1; King of Skin, Lush, £5.50; Creamy Candy (tester), Lush, £2.60; Space Girl, Lush, £2.35

I think this top is so pretty and feels like surprisingly high quality fabric considering the Primarni price tag. The floral print is perfect for the last few weeks of the Spring/Summer trends, whilst the overlaying white brocade stitching adds a more unique element to the top. My Primark mascara is a total dark horse; for £1 I figured that even if it was awful, trying it really wouldn't be the end of the world, but I have been so pleasantly surprised! Rather than going through expensive high end mascaras in two months, I've found an astonishingly cheap alternative that does just as good a job. As for my Lush products, the only one I've tried so far is King of Skin, which is absolutely worth the hype. Creamy, delicious and moisturising, it's £5.50 you won't regret spending. Plus, I just want to say a huge thank you to the incredible service I was given by the lovely man in the Bournemouth Lush store; a little customer service goes a very long way!

What is your favourite Lush product?

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Birthday Trip to Blenheim Palace

On Tuesday 5th August 2014, I turned 21! I had a stunning few days with friends and family, featuring a night out, a trip to the casino after (I won big, +£2 is a sensible place to stop #gambleresponsibly), an afternoon tea date with the girls and a curry with my Mummy and boyfriend. The birthday celebrations took to the next day in the form of a trip to Blenheim Palace. Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with all places royal and regal. Palaces and stately homes are my thing; ask me about any of the different countries I've been to and you can bet I've squeezed in a trip to the nearest ornate once-lived-in-by-royalty pad. Lo and behold, my boyfriend got dragged to Oxfordshire. A beautiful sunny day, decor to make Marie Antoinette jealous (well, perhaps not), and gardens for miles, take a scroll through the photos below to get your own little look into how the other half (Winston Churchill and an awful lot of Dukes) once lived.

What I'm Wearing - Outfit:
Sunglasses - eBay, leather jacket - ASOS, dress - H&M, shoes - Topshop

What I'm Wearing - Makeup:
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, Natural Collection liquid eyeliner, Naked 3 assorted eyeshadows, Urban Decay Perversion mascara, Tanya Burr lipgloss in Afternoon Tea

All of these photographs were taken with my brand new Panasonic Lumix FZ200 bridge camera, which I am absolutely in love with. I hope you've all liked the photos and let me know if you're a fan of a stately day trip or whether I'm just 21 going on 70! Have you ever been to Blenheim Palace? Are there any palaces or stately homes that you think I should visit? Let me know!

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Best Dressed: July 2014

I hope you're ready to adjust people, because this month's best dressed list is not full of monochrome looks! Get ready for colour, and lots of it. From pretty, muted pastels to all out blocks of primary colours à la Alexa Chung or Toni Garrn, my favourite looks of the last month are finally reflecting the beautiful weather we've been having. Midi-lengths for days and surprisingly high necklines for this heat, here are my top outfits of July - let me know your favourite in the comments below!

Portia Freeman - Lanvin | Keira Knightley - Chanel | Amber Le Bon - Peter Pilotto
Dior-Front-Row-Fall/Winter-2014 (2)Miu Miu pre-spring/summer 2015 show, Paris - July 5 2014
Rosamund Pike | Alexa Chung - Prada | Ulyana Sergeenko
Petra Nemcova- Emilio Pucci | Toni Garrn - Elie Saab | Lindsay Ellingson - Nicholas
Giambattista Valli : Runway - Paris Fashion Week : Haute-Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015 : News PhotoThe Bridge season two premiere, LA - July 7 2014
Sarah Close - Giambattista Valli | Diane Kruger - Mary Katrantzou | Kate Bosworth - Valentino
Giambattista Valli show - July 7 2014
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | Emma Watson - J Brand | Olivia Palermo - Burberry Prorsum
Poppy Delevingne | Audrey Tautou - Dolce & Gabbana | Jourdan Dunn
Emma Roberts - Tanya Taylor | Alexa Chung | Candice Swanepoel - Givenchy

(Images have been taken from the internet and belong to their rightful owners)

Stay tuned for a June and July Favourites mash up coming in the next few days, and check out my Instagram @laurenjadepike to see my 21st birthday celebrations coming this week!

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