Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Besties Take Brighton

I hope none of you have an irrational dislike for Brighton, because this is my second seaside appreciation post in three months! (See the first here). I went to Brighton this weekend to visit my best friend Holly, and each time I visit I fall in love with the town a little bit more. The weather was so glorious this time, I just couldn't help but get very snap happy and fawn over all of the pebbled beaches and one-off eateries that Brighton has to offer!

I arrived on Sunday afternoon and after getting some gorgeous Japanese food and eating in the Pavillion Gardens, we headed to the beach for the evening. 

The next day we took a little wander in The Lanes and had some tasty Mexican food at a place called Dos Sombreros, followed by a quick cupcake in the delightful Angel Food Bakery. We then hopped on the bus over to Hove. It was incredibly hot so we spent a while sunbathing on the Hove Lawns before heading down to the beach to dip our toes in the water.

Red velvet cupcake from Angel Food Bakery in Brighton
Girl in the sea Brighton HoveGirl on the beach Brighton Hove
Beach Brighton HoveGirl in the sea Brighton Hove
Best friend selfie in Brighton Hove wearing RaybansBest friend selfie in Brighton Hove wearing Raybans

After getting very tempted to go for an all out swim in the sea, we decided to walk back towards Brighton along the promenade, allowing a peek at the gorgeous Palmeira Square. Can I live here please?

We then got a delicious £3 pizza from a place called Piccolo and headed to the Pavillion Gardens before going home for a night of too many galaxy bars and movies.

Tuesday was my last day in Brighton, so we spent the later part of the day on the seafront again before going into a cordoned off area to watch England's last appearance in the World Cup.

Girl wearing Raybans drinking cider on Brighton beachGirl wearing Salvatore Ferragamo glasses drinking cider on Brighton beach
Best friends selfie Brighton beach

The walk back to the station for my train home was so sunny and cheerful and I couldn't think of anything worse than leaving! Who needs London with a seaside wheel like this?

I'm so lucky that my best friend lives in such a gorgeous place. Though I adore my sandy-beached hometown just a few hours along the coast, I really adore Brighton and would love to live there in the future. I hope you've enjoyed this little tour through my weekend there and I'll leave you with my favourite shot of the weekend; our photobooth picture from Snooper's Paradise against the coloured beach huts of Hove. 

Photobooth picture in Hove Brighton

Have you ever been to Brighton? What was your favourite place or thing to do? I hope you're all having a lovely summer so far, and be sure to stay tuned for my Monthly Favourites and Best Dressed posts coming up in the next few days!

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  1. I'd love to visit Brighton one day. It seems like such a quirky place and of course it has a beach! Times like this I wish I lived closer to the coast.

    1. It really is lovely there, I'm not sure where you are but it took me around 3 hours to get there and is definitely worth the train journey! :) xx


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