Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Favourites

Last month was the complete opposite of the one before, with weeks of pyjama wearing and essay writing being replaced with two trips to Brighton and a day's work experience at the V&A seeing 'The Glamour of Italian Fashion' exhibition. The busy spell is only set to continue as I'm taking my last exams (ever!) in a few weeks time, so do excuse the slight shortage of posts! To keep the ball rolling for now though, my April Favourites...
My fashion favourite this month has got to be my bright pink boucle coat from River Island. This is definitely a marmite piece, and I'll admit to having kept the tag on for the first few outings as I couldn't decide whether I thought it fabulous or hideous. However I have certainly learnt to love it, and have had compliments on it from random people every time I've worn it out, which can only be a good thing. At £30 down from £65, this was the perfect colourful coat to suit my spring wardrobe needs.

In all honesty, I haven't discovered many new rave-worthy products this month. I've been obsessed with my L'Oreal Lumi Magique primer which I included in last month's favourites post, and am planning to include this in a post about how to achieve flawless skin using drugstore products in the near future.

In April I took a risk and purchased some of the new Primark 'PS Love' beauty collection (which you can see in my Impromptu Fashion and Beauty Haul), buying the brow pencil and mascara after seeing Velvet Ghost's Primark beauty haul. The mascara is suprisingly good for £1 - yes you read that right, ONE pound - with a good amount of length and volume for the daytime and no fallout whatsoever. I've been looking for a cheap everyday mascara to stop me from going through my beloved Benefit 'They're Real!' so quickly, and this could be it, at least for now. The brow pencil has also become a firm favourite as a nice alternative for someone that only used to use powder brow products. Recently taking a chunk of out of my right eyebrow on an overzealous plucking session has called for a much more emphatic bit of brow work, so I have Primark to thank for keeping my brows looking as they should for only £1!
The one film that stood out to me last month has got to be Noah. Though it seems to have had quite mixed reviews from friends and fellow film students, I thought it was an incredible film and a real cinematic experience. Epic, dramatic and yes a little biblical, it didn't drag for me at all and I was so emotionally invested in everyone onscreen. Emma Watson in particular shone, and though I haven't been blown away by her in previous years (bar Harry Potter, duh), she was really fantastic in this film.

A ridiculously catchy number that has been cheering me up/getting me in the mood to go out/keeping me from going utterly insane on train journeys is Rita Ora's latest 'I Will Never Let You Down'. Fun, happy and summery, I am a secret chart lover now and then and happy songs like this are precisely why.

This month I am including a favourite place, and you can probably all guess where - that's right, Brighton! Having spent a fair bit of time there during my Easter holidays and potentially planning to live there next year once I've graduated, I really learnt to love this gorgeous seaside town in April, and I can't wait wander around finding more one off shops and eateries there in the future.

I have three favourites for April; one new discovery and two old favourites. A few weeks ago I stumbled on Gabriella's channel Velvet Gh0st. Another beauty vlogger to add to my subscription list! Her beauty looks are really pretty and more recently she's been getting into haul videos, which I for one am thrilled about. The other two favourites include Tanya Burr's home haul which you can watch here if you haven't already, and Kate from Gh0st Parties' flat tour post. Her home is absolutely gorgeous and has enough character not to fall into the generic blogger's all white errythin' home trend. The only other sort of favourite I have in terms of posts is one of my own, because I've been planning and compiling it for a few months now and I've finally published it! For anyone that hasn't checked it out yet, find out how to imitate designer pieces on the high street with my Fashion Dupes post.

Two things very close to my heart have got me through April: the Harry Potter audiobooks and Gossip Girl. I've listened to the audiobooks every time I've been on a train or bus, and they are absolutely heaven sent. Gone are the days of productive essay writing on long journeys; these are all I need. Gossip Girl is a love/hate favourite, because although I am in love with the show, I am completely addicted once again and it is seriously interfering with my revision. Someone come to Paris and eat Laduree macarons by the Seine with me à la Serena and Blair?

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That's it for my April Favourites, be sure to check back in the next few days for my April Best Dressed post, and I hope you've all had a lovely start to Spring!

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