Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring is Springing!

We had some beautiful weather today in the midlands, striking the perfect balance between wintry crispness and spring-style sunshine. Naturally the only thing to do after a morning of errands was to have a wonder around Jephson Gardens with my boyfriend. I think this area is my favourite part of Leamington; it is stunning whatever the season and there are always plenty of dog walkers and families feeding the ducks and appreciating the nature. It was especially pretty today though because all of the flowers have started to bloom, and I could not resist taking a few snaps!

As well as the beautiful walk around the gardens, we also popped into town. Luckily Leamington is absolutely tiny so everything is pretty much on one street and you can wander freely between the shops and the park! After going on a pancake hunt (which we failed in and had to resort to a mid-afternoon Starbucks instead) we strolled into The Perfume Shop. I've been looking out for a new spring scent for a while now, as I find the majority of my fragrances are more suitable for the night time or even the colder seasons, so I was looking for something lighter and more floral for the coming months. It turns out luck was massively on my side today. I'd had a sniff of Prada Candy's lighter scent, Prada Candy L'Eau De Natural earlier this morning, but seeing the £50 price tag had put it to the back of my mind. However, The Perfume Shop - who I am now forever in debt to - had the most incredible offer on; instead of paying £37.50 for the 30ml or £50 for the 50ml, they had a gift set including a 50ml fragrance, 30ml body lotion and a satin make up bag for £35. Cheaper than the smallest size. Could I really say no?

It is the nicest scent I've smelt in a very long time, with notes of sweet pea, citruses and white musk (not that this means much to me but trust me when I tell you that it is deliciously sweet). It is safe to say that this will definitely be my signature scent for the foreseeable future. I got lucky and got the last gift set in stock in the Leamington store, but I would definitely recommend popping into your local Perfume Shop if you're on the hunt for a spring perfume as I am totally addicted to the smell of my wrists right now!

The wander around the sun-bathed gardens as well as finding a beautiful new spring scent has made me feel so excited about the coming season. Flowers everywhere and nowhere near as much rain, I think spring might finally be springing!

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