Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash and Body Buttercream Review

As you'll know if you read my Huge March Beauty Haul post or follow me on Instagram (@laurenjadepike), I recently purchased two items from Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush line. Having heard two of my favourite YouTubers rave about these products for years (points if you can guess which ones), I figured Boots' 3 for 2 offer was the perfect time to snap these up - that and everything else in the shop. After using both of them for a little while now, I figured it was time to review them for you all!

First of all I want to talk about the wash. This is the one I was slightly less impressed with, though I must stress that I do still really like the product. It smells beautiful, the zesty lemons and limes are so sweet and do feel really luxurious. However the thing that disappointed me about the wash is the fact that the scent did not last on my skin at all. I've also found that unlike many body washes, it doesn't double up as a bubble bath like the Soap & Glory website said it does. But yet again, it does smell fantastic, so if you aren't looking for a lasting scent, a bubble bath doubler, or a super-soft-skin-inducing wash (am I reaching for the stars here?) this might be for you, despite the £8 price tag.

The body buttercream on the other hand does tick all the boxes I was expecting. A lasting scent on my skin, very moisturising but not wet or sticky, and a hell of a lot of product in the tub, I am really impressed with this. Like Soap & Glory suggest, the two do work well together, though I personally think you'd have similar results with the butter alone. I'd be much more inclined to repurchase this in the future regardless the higher price (£10.50) as I've been using it pretty incessantly and as you can see it is still incredibly full!

One of my favourite things about these products is obviously the scent, but not necessarily for the reasons you'd expect. I am one of those people that hates to use a citrussy or 'awake' scent in the evening time. I do almost all of my showering and bathing in the evening (who wants to wake up earlier than necessary just to get clean in a big hurry?), and I really hate using fresh, morning scents when I'm trying to relax before bed. This information would surely lead you to believe that this is not the scent for me, but somehow the Sugar Crush products, even with their incredible zestiness, are not too lively for me to use in my pre-bedtime bath. Perhaps its the sugary scent - I have the world's biggest sweet tooth -  but for once, a non-lavender/jasmine product has made it into my night time bath routine, so for that Soap & Glory, I salute you!

TLDR? The smell is divine. The buttercream wowed me significantly more than the body wash, but if you're willing to spend a few extra pounds for a nice olfactory washing experience alone, go for both. Will I be trying the Sugar Crush scrub in the future? Probably.

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  1. Hello lovely, I have nominated you for the upcoming bloggers Liebster Award, to find out what this means visit my blog

    (ps this isnt a spam thing :)) Xx

  2. Great review! I also enjoy using these two products, however I did not instantly fall in love with the scent - it grew on me the more I used it. I'm not one for citrusy scents either so it must be the sweetness! I've also got the scrub and actually prefer the scent of that as it smells more sugary :) x

  3. Thanks Rachel :) I know what you mean, I went into Boots and had a sniff of them so many times before I actually bought them! One of my friends was telling me that she loved the scrub too, I think I'll be adding that to my Sugar Crush collection very soon. Your blog is great by the way! xx


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