Sunday, 2 March 2014

Moving to

This is not the exciting news I promised yesterday at the end of my February Beauty Favourites post (that's coming next week), but nevertheless I feel that this is quite exciting! This is definitely something I should have done when I changed over to Tangible Treasures at the end of last year, but unfortunately I didn't realise how important it was to have a domain name then. 

Anyway I have purchased and will shortly be moving over to this URL (probably within the next day or so). I would love it if any of you following me through Bloglovin' could re-follow me on the new address if you do enjoy my posts. I'm sorry to have to do this for a second time but I am sure that this will be the last!

Thank you to all of my current readers for your support and I look forward to blogging all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle on very very soon! 

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