Friday, 14 February 2014

Change of Plan

Hello everyone,

This is just a little heads up that I'm going to be changing the way I review fashion shows. Currently, I go through every show each day, pick my favourites and then post individual blog posts on those collections. However I'm a little concerned that those of you who aren't as interested in show reports will be getting totally overwhelmed by the amount of posts I've been publishing during fashion season (19 posts in 6 days seems a little excessive).

From now on I think I'm going to do daily round up posts of the collections I've loved rather than writing a separate post on each show. This way you'll still get the exact same content (a general review and pictures of my favourite looks), but all in one post each day. Posts will probably be going up a day later as many shows go into the night (especially when there are time differences at play) and though I'd love to review a show that finished at midnight for you, sometimes the photos haven't been posted yet!

I hope those who have been keeping up with my show report posts don't mind this new round up format, if you prefer individual posts or like this idea do comment down below and let me know as I love getting feedback from my readers.

Happy fashion month! 
Lauren x

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