Friday, 10 January 2014

Topshop 'Crescent Moon' Highlighter Review

Yesterday marked my first Topshop make up purchase. I'm always somewhat skeptical about buying make up from a clothes store, but Topshop have proved they can do fashion shows and high street very well, so why shouldn't I trust them with my face too? I've been meaning to purchase a high end highlighter for a while now, but after Dior's Amber Rose Poudre Shimmer sold out, I decided to settle for the high street, at least for now. It was just after this resolution that Tanya Burr posted her Fresh and Pretty Drugstore Makeup for School video, featuring the Topshop highlighter. Trusting her with my face even more than Topshop, I ran into town to get my hands on the product. Unfortunately, they didn't have the shade Tanya featured ('Sunbeam'), but I did find 'Crescent Moon'. The packaging sold me immediately, though I was a little put off at the till when the sales assistant announced that this box of gold dust would cost me £10. If I'm buying high street make up, I usually like to keep the price in single figures, but a student discount card and the thought of the high end Dior price later, I put my card in and the highlighter was mine. 

Here are a few pictures of the adorable packaging and a swatch of the product. Please excuse the quality, I've left my digital camera at home; ultimate error.

I've also included a picture of my friend Lucas and I as I was wearing the highlighter the night of the photo. Although it is terrible quality, you can still see the glow slightly, and as far as I can tell one use in, the product is just what I was after. Well done Topshop.

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