Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lazy Sunday

It is a truly horrible grey day in Leamington Spa, so naturally I am dreaming of the days that I can curl up in a lovely house and spend a Sunday watch films without essay guilt. Despite only having a few months left of university, I really cannot wait to not have coursework and readings to do on a deadline and just have some time to myself. Guilt-free lazy Sundays are all I need. So rather than continuing with my essay research, I thought I'd share with you all some beautiful photos I found online as well as a new song that has just been released by two good friends of mine. It is free to download on SoundCloud and I have had it on repeat for the last hour and a half. Perfect Sunday music!

(All photographs have been taken from the internet and belong to their rightful owners)

Here is the link to the lovely Lights Out Lester (Feat. Naomi Whybrow) - I Didn't Want To Wake You Up. Check it out if you know whats good for you, and happy Sunday everyone! 

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  1. wow loving these photos! such beautiful inspirations!

    1. Thanks hun! They are exactly what I wanted to look at last Sunday, you can't beat tumblr for inspiration! xx


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