Saturday, 21 December 2013

URL Change

I've been considering changing my URL for a while now. I'd picked the original one ( because I was too eager to get blogging when I first started to think of an interesting URL, so I picked a lyric from the song I was listening to at the time.

However, the time has come to change it! Tangible Treasures is now (hopefully) much more clear in terms of letting new readers know that this blog will be dedicated primarily to fashion, beauty and anything you can literally get your hands on. Though I'm pleased that I've finally bitten the bullet, it is inconvenient that I chose to do so on the same day that I hit a Bloglovin' follower milestone. So to anyone reading this who used to follow me, I'd love it if you could do so once again if you enjoy my posts!

As usual you can follow me through clicking the links below or on my sidebar if you're an RSS fan. Thank you ever so much to all those who have been reading my posts and I'm sorry for being so troublesome with my URL!

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