Monday, 16 December 2013

Pink with Peter: OOTD

I popped into town today to continue my Christmas shopping and ended up picking up a little something for myself too! I never really got into the Peter Pan collared blouse trend, primarily because I don't really wear long sleeved tops. However today I stumbled upon a Primark number that combines my love for no sleeves and an adorable sequinned Pan collar. The top is actually relatively plain but as I've already discovered it looks insanely cute under my embellished pink Topshop jumper that I mentioned in my Christmas Tag post yesterday. Plus it was only £8; overall a pretty undeniable buy.

Here are a few pictures of the items and me wearing them. You'll have to excuse the terrible phone camera quality, I put this first photo up on my instagram but then couldn't find my digital camera to take a proper blog photo! 

I will definitely be exploring my new love of Neverland style from now on, and about time too!

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