Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Final Year Bedroom

A little late, but for once I've been embracing secondary reading instead of procrastinating! It is third year after all.

Nevertheless, I'm suddenly feeling the need to share pictures of my new bedroom on my blog! I can't quite believe that this is my last student house, and I was very excited to decorate it as nicely as possible to make the most of my home space during my final year of university.

I had originally wanted a very chic, minimalist room, with white bed sheets and no posters whatsoever. But upon my arrival at the new house, I noticed that there were a lot of blu-tack marks on my walls, and painting them would have been very risky what with my lack of DIY experience! So naturally out came the posters once again, and I've managed to tactically place them over almost all of the tack marks, leaving my room looking much cleaner than when I arrived!

Stupidly I forgot to take any before pictures, but here are a few pictures of my room once I was all moved in!

My chest of drawers covered in all of my course books and my baskets containing my hair and beauty bits. Also I keep my jewellery box, my favourite Zara Taylor earrings in their box, my perfumes (J'adore Dior, CK Summer One, Armani Code and Paco Robanne Black XS) all of my candles including the gorgeous Yankee Candle set that my boyfriend's sisters bought for me, and a gorgeous vintage hand held mirror that I bought in a charity shop.

Here is my main getting ready station (tiny, I know!) which has all of my necklaces and bangles on a stand, as well as my little everyday make up bag, and my more extensive collection. Also on here is my Urban Decay Naked palette that I use incessantly, as well as various toiletries and hair dryers/straighteners hidden under the draw.

This is my work desk that I'm typing away at now! The collage above is a poster that my Grandad gave me, as well as a few special birthday cards and pictures of my girlfriends back at home.

This is the nearest thing I have to a bedside table, which is possibly my only complaint about my room! Having to get out of bed to reach my cup of tea is a definite first world problem. Here I have last month's Vogue from when these pictures were taken, my three favourite pairs of sunglasses, reading glasses, a Buddha, my mini Eiffel Tower, and a picture of my boyfriend and I that he gave me last year.

And finally here is the amazing view from my room! Luckily it was much sunnier when I took these photographs last month than it is now, I think the view of the church whilst a storm is going on could be a little sinister!

And one last one looking out from my balcony!

I'm so happy in my new house, the location is incredible (we're right on the high street in the centre of town, so unfortunately for my bank account I'm ridiculously close to the shops) and my housemates are lovely. I'm so happy with my room and can't wait to spend some cosy winter evenings in here!

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