Sunday, 11 August 2013

Post-Birthday Shopping Haul

My self control has hit something of a low point recently, resulting in what little money I had left running from my purse really rather quickly. At present I am perched in front of a mediocre rom-com sipping my thousandth cup of tea today, so naturally the only thing to do is show you all my latest purchases.

Roughly a month ago, I spotted a blue and white tile print blouse in Primark. Being a stingy student, I threw it back in disgust once I realised that it would cost me A WHOLE TEN POUNDS, despite that being a fabulous bargain in any other shop (why is that?) As you can probably guess, I have regretted it ever since. I was googling said item and came across blogger Alex Ure of who had bought the top, and these lovely embroidered shorts! 

So I jumped on the first bus I could and headed down to my local Primarni. Unfortunately they weren't still stocking the original blouse, but they did have this Greek looking number in the same style. Not caring that the smallest one they had was four sizes too big for me, I snatched that and the shorts in one fell swoop. £15 later, I had two new pieces for my summer wardrobe. Here is a snap of the detail on the shorts.

I also purchased Benefit's High Brow, having been recommended Eye Bright. Though the assistant told me that High Brow would be more suited to my colouring (dark hair and eyes, olivey skin) I can't help but feel quite disappointed with this product. Applying it to the inner corners of my eyes, it doesn't give the eye-popping effect of Eye Bright, and instead gives the same look as a much cheaper eye pencil I bought from Boots. For £15, I wouldn't recommend this product at all, as there are far less expensive alternatives. It seems that I am still yet to learn not be fooled by pretty packaging! 

Disclaimer: I am by no means Benefit-bashing, I recently strayed away from the magic that is They're Real mascara and have never felt such make up regret. 

Now for my most exciting purchase: my iPad Mini. I am typing away on it now and I seriously love it. Last year's student house deposit money could not have been spent any better. To those contemplating whether to get one, or which size to get, I would highly recommend the Mini. I was in fact planning to buy an original size iPad second hand, but eBay fear struck and I bought the smaller version from the online Apple store (top service Apple, well done). Having spent the last few days on it pretty incessantly, I can vouch for its size and weight; it is incredibly comfortable to hold for long periods of time. I also bought a fantastic case set from eBay for a mere £7, instead of Apple's £35. Here is a picture of my iPad showing my blog. Meta. 

I also won £10 on a bet this weekend and subsequently invested in a jumper I've been ogling on tumblr for years. So excited for this to arrive.

And finally, the season 1 boxset of Gossip Girl, because

Blouse, Primark, £10
Shorts, Primark, £5
High Brow, Benefit, £15
iPad Mini, Apple, £269
Pink iPad case, eBay, £7
The Great Gatsby jumper, eBay, £10

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