Saturday, 10 August 2013

Birthday Shenanigans

Upon reaching my twenties, I have decided to take yet another look at my never ending to-do list. I may not be fluent in French or have read every book on The BBC's best list yet, but with this post in mind I am hoping to master blogging. I really have no excuse now that I have a shiny new iPad mini to write from, but more of that on my next post.

At 10.17, on August 5th, I hit the big 2-0. Really, I was quite pleased. I've always liked the idea of being in my twenties, and now I am. Huzzah. 

To celebrate, I spent my birthday partaking in one my favourite past times - eating.

The night before my birthday, I spent time with my Dad's side of the family, consuming a lovely roast dinner followed by every fashion obsessed girl's dream; Vogue cake.

My little cousin is a dream in the kitchen and baked this beautiful Victoria sponge, adorned with the logos of Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. She knows me so well!

On my actual birthday I was cooked a lovely Paris-inspired breakfast by my Mummy, before heading to possibly the cutest eatery in the whole of Bournemouth, Dot Teas. 10 girls, lots of sandwiches and even more cake made for a beautiful birthday lunch! Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of us all, or of my birthday outfit, but I wore a bright blue dress from Primark, a cream tweed jacket from Zara, tan t-bar shoes from Topshop, a cream chain strap bag from Italian boutique Carpisa, and a mixture of jewellery from Pandora and Thai street markets.

The last part of the day was spent relaxing in front of a film with friends before my boyfriend arrived bearing amazing gifts. Here are a few pictures of my spoils.

Here we have a pair of 'Barely There' heels, a floral Zara skirt, a Chanel Levres Scintillantes lipgloss in Volupte (165), coconut macaroons, and a selection of Soap & Glory products, including The Fab Pore. I have used this twice and it really is fab. I also received Dr Spot (for those last few teenage breakouts), and finally a top up of my supply of Bright Here Bright Now. This last product is one that I will swear by until the end of time. It claims to give 'beautifully luminous skin'. It does. It is so fantastic for hydrating your skin and just giving it the lift you need to wake you up. Go and buy it, now.

Here are all of my incredible goodies from my boyfriend and his family, including lifetime supplies of Kinder chocolate and Aussie hair products, Yankee Candles, No7 makeup, a beautiful journal, Zara Taylor earrings (my favourite jeweller, if you don't know who she is, check out, a princess box for all of my goodies, a cake with my face on, and finally the mother of all gifts...

Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets!

I am a raging Harry Potter fan so this is pretty much the best thing anyone could ever buy me.

My birthday ended with a Wagamamas takeaway and a night in with my mum and boyfriend, which after 24 hours of eating and socialising, was absolutely perfect. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so lovely!

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