Monday, 10 September 2012

Fashion's Night Out

First of all, I must apologise for the lack of blogging in recent months. I'm sure that if I ever did have any 'followers', they have now left me. I will try my humble best to win you back with a series of photos that will make you froth at your fashion addicted mouth. Cute.

Back to the subject matter that the title implies - I went to Fashion's Night Out! It was amazing, a day in London is always a good idea, even with very little/no funds. A gorgeously cheap return on a not so gorgeous National Express whizzed me up there for one loooong but luxurious day trip, filled with sight seeing and window shopping galore.

For those who don't know, Fashion's Night Out is a global event created by Vogue, in which the wealthy and well dressed hit capital cities and shop, hard. I, unfortunately, couldn't reaaally afford to do that, what with the omnipresent overdraft and rent looming over me. But I could look. And dream. And vow to myself that one day I will do it properly... ££££££££££

But in order to get from Victoria Coach Station to Bond Street on foot (no tubes allowed when on a health kick), one must trek the whole of tourist London. When in Rome...

(Please excuse the utterly tragic quality of the photographs, they have not transferred well from phone to computer)

Victoria's Secret was a personal highlight, the store itself was phenomenal whilst the staff where so kind. They were offering cupcakes and macaroons on the door - I had my first macaroon! It was incredible, I totally get the hype - and the underwear itself was beyond anything I could have imagined! New favourite store alert. 3 floors of sheer bombshell wonders; amazing.

Whenever one goes to such soirees as these, it is imperative that one keeps a celeb count. My count includes:
1) Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall - I realise that this barely counts
2) A famous looking bloke from Thomas Pink - I awkwardly didn't know that he was famous whilst asking him directions whilst we stood outside Vogue House with his beautiful personalised 'Thomas Pink' car lurking next to me. It was only later on in the evening when I walked past his store and realised why he looked so staggered at my blatant ignorance
3) Daisy Lowe - a genuine celebrity at last I hear you sigh! Yes. She was gathering quite a crowd outside Mulberry but I managed to snap a picture of her
4) Bruce Forsyth! - I caught him coming out of Gordon Ramsey's restaurant and heading for a cab. I must admit that the highlight of this moment was a man walking past me whispering 'Nice ta see ya'

So that was my first (of many, hopefully) Fashion's Night Out, complete with mindblowing prices and ever-agonizing blisters. What a souvenir.

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