Sunday, 12 August 2012

Shopping List - Check!

As those who have read my recent (or not so perhaps) posts will know, the neglection of my blog has not been due to apathy or forgetfulness, but instead to my holiday! I will be shortly writing about my trip when I have some quality blogging time, but until then I thought that I'd update you on my wishlist. My last post was dedicated to what I was planning to buy when I got paid; well guess what - I got paid.

Here are a few snaps of my recent purchases, and some may even include Italian backgrounds, oh la la.

My custom-made tye dye dress by Cosmik Debris in Positano
My River Island bikini sported on a cruise around the Amalfi Coast on my 19th birthday!

Sparkly new Lana inspired ring
Stripey Next shorts at Pompeii

Showing off my YSL #24 Blond Ingenu lipstick, cheeky bargain at duty free!
My Somaly Mam Foundation & Sevenly 'Born Free' t-shirt is currently waiting for me at the post office, whilst the snake ear cuff that I ordered has arrived, I'm just yet to figure out how the hell you out it on! I'll soon be posting more holiday pics as well as some ambitions for my second year of uni and my numerological transition into a 9 year.

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