Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another Week in This and I'll Have Rickets.

My current mood tells me that I either want to be basking in the sunshine in a country that reaches unearthly temperatures, or cuddled up in a wood cabin in snowy snowy Finland. This in fact is a perfect microcosm of my personality, and my disdain for doing anything by halves. I am very extreme in my desires, and a happy inbetween will rarely do.

Considering I am closer to sunbathing than fire cuddling, this post leans towards my excitement for my upcoming holiday to Sorrento, Italy. I have always always wanted to go to Italy, and even though we won't be going to Rome, I still feel that I am completing at least half of the dream! In exactly 14 days I will be there, LOVING the sunshine. Which bodes very well for my friends and family, for I have been a grumpy mare ever since our absence of sun prevailed. Vitamin D is key.

So here are a few pictures of the lovely place and its surrounding areas to kickstart the holiday buzz, its about time I got out of this grey country and into some much needed rays!

I really cannot wait to get away, especially to what looks like the most beautiful place in the world! I'm so excited for the beaches and Italian food and the boat trips along the Amalfi coast, and to be there for 10 days without any rushing with my favourite person! :) Looking outside my oh-so-British window right now is making me want to weep and get under the covers for the next two weeks but hopefully it will fly by, taking me away to what I'm sure will be an AMAZING holiday!

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Zara Taylor Jewellery

Zara Taylor is a London jewellery designer specialising in vintage style pieces of an incredibly high quality. She is my favourite jewellery designer of the moment and I haven't taken out my Peace and Love earrings since I was bought them at Christmas! (Apart from a week long blip in which I lost a pair, bought a new pair, lost one of those down the sink, and then found the originals - THANK GOD) My birthday wishlist is absolutely littered with Miss Taylor's name, and I am hoping for some of those dreams to come true by August 5th! Here are a few of my favourite pieces, including my beloved Peace and Love earrings that I already mentioned (8th down)...

Love Pearl Bracelet
Swan Lake bracelet
Vintage 1940s Geometric Bracelet
Vintage Turquoise Matrix Cuff Bracelet
Beautiful Leaf and Vintage Pearl Earring
Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings With Vintage Turquoise Matrix Stones
Heart shaped leaf earrings
Raw Brass Filigree Heart Leaf  Earrings
Antiqued Brass Lucky Clover Necklace
Hand Of Fatima Hamsa Charm Necklace
I love you more than yesterday,less than tomorrow
Three Little Birds Necklace
Antiqued Silver Spoon Ring
OUR FATE IS OUR DESTINY engraved vintage ring
Vintage Harlequin Ring
Vintage Pearl Double Ring
Vintage Turquoise Matrix Double Stone Ring

As I said, there is a LOT that I want! Her pieces are all of such a high quality and are really beautiful, and from my communication with Zara Taylor herself, she seems so lovely! So to anyone looking to check out jewellery that is different, refined and affordable, I would 100% recommend Zara Taylor.


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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mario Testino

"I usually try to make my images look like they just exist, like no effort was put into it."

- Mario Testino

Mario Testino has for a long time been my favourite photographer. It is my ultimate dream to one day pose infront of him and his camera - I realise I am aiming high - and to produce another of the amazing pieces that he is so renowned for. These are just a few of my favourite photos by the legend that is Testino, enjoy.

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